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About us

About us

Vinay Air Products is now Vinay Air Products Pvt. Ltd. established in year 2015, in the business of industrial gases since 10 years. Vinay Air Products Pvt. Ltd. was formed to trade and manufacture Speciality Gases like Hydrocarbon, Electronic, High Purity Gases, Refrigerant Gases, Calibration Gases like mixture of more in one component with other and Rare Gases like Krypton, Xenon, Neon, Helium, Nitrogen, Argon, etc. catering to a host of sectors.

Our company boasts of exclusive tie-ups with world leaders in their respective fields like Akela-P (Rare gases and Medical Xenon). Our company supplies Isotopes of gases in small pack like Oxygen 18-17, Nitrogen 15, Deuterium, Carbon dioxide 12-13, Carbon monoxide 12-13, Ammonia 15,... we supply mixture of this isotopes in cylinder, Refrigeration gases as per customer needs. We do supply High Pure Gases upto 7.0N for research and OEMs.

Our Infrastructure

One of our plants is situated in Vatva GIDC spread over 9,000 square feet. We have a full-fledged laboratory, Gravimetric filling station, Gas Chromatography machine with 4 Detectors and Analyzers for offering accurate and precise mixtures. We offer a wide range of cylinder sizes from 500ml, 1.8ltr, 2.2ltr, 3ltr, 5ltrs, 10ltrs, 16ltrs, 47ltrs to 200ltrs and above in Aluminum and Carbon Steel. We can also provide disposable cylinders. Our company currently owns a sizeable number of Skids (25-30 cylinder capacity) and approximately 30,000 cylinders in various sizes. Vinay Air Products Pvt. Ltd. also owns the latest self–pressurized liquid Nitrogen containers for on- site Liquid Nitrogen refilling.The company’s other state-of-the-art plant is under construction near Bareja (Kheda), on the outskirts of Ahmedabad on a 1,25,000 square feet plot. Covered area of the facility would be close to 15,000 square feet comprising of Gravimetric filling panel, inert gas filling stations, and toxic and flammable gas filling stations.

Special Features of the Plant

  • Gas filling stations, Manifolds, Regulators and Valves from Saf-T-Flo Systems, USA
  • Storage capacity of more than 30,000 cylinders dedicated categorically.
  • Latest and most modern laboratory.
  • Gas purifying system upto 5.5N for different gases.
  • Cylinder handling automation like Fork Lifts, Gantry Cranes, Trolleys, Lift gates, etc.